For B2B Companies:

We Will Build a Cold Outreach Infrastructure for Your Business That Sources 100% Cold Leads and Books Pre-Qualified Booked Calls on Your Calendar (You Only Pay for Qualified Leads That Show)

Autopilot Cold Email Infrastructure

Target the Exact Prospects You Want

Never Provides Unqualified Leads

Scales With You

You Only Pay for Qualified Leads That Show

This is a B2B High Volume Cold Email Infrastructure. We Make Money by Providing You with Qualified Leads That Fit Your Target Market.

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What the Cold Email Infrastructure Is

How We Ensure 99% Deliverability

How We Build Your Perfect Prospect List

How We Craft Niche-Specific Messaging

How We A/B Test and Optimize Campaigns

Our Benchmark Campaign Analytics

Our Lead Qualification System

Our Lead Nurturing Follow-Up Method

How We Handle No-Shows

Pricing Structure and Costs

Customer Testimonials

What an Offer Needs to Have to be Successful with Cold Email

Customer Testimonials

RE Digital Suite

"We have used at least 4 other companies when it comes to email services consistently getting nowhere and it was always some excuse as to why we weren't seeing results. Once we connected with Granger Consulting, we were met with the most professional customer experience and learned from the moment we started interacting with Owen and his team. They’re extremely responsive whenever we have questions and are very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of email marketing. We get quality leads now and we couldn’t be any more pleased with the overall service. For the price it’s an absolute no-brainer we had already gotten more than double the results in the first month than all the other services we’ve used combined.” – Kaleb Rosenberg, CEO and Founder REDigital Suite

Suite Life Capital

"Owen exceeded all my expectations and provided me with honestly a great overall experience. From his great communication, all the way to the knowledge he holds within effective emailing the service has truly enhanced my email communication. A couple of reasons I suggest his services: the ability to adapt, reliability and resourcefulness, seamless process, again very knowledgeable and great customer support. I cannot speak highly enough about my experience thus far. Has surpassed all my expectations.” - Will Campbell, Suite Life Capital

Trusted Recovery Firm

"This may be uncommon but my favorite thing about the service is the level of care. Throughout my usage, it’s become very apparent to me how much Owen and his team not only care about delivering great results but care about you growing your business. I’ve gone through a few folks up until now and most times you’re just another number paying them thousands of dollars a month which I always had an issue with personally. The level of support provided, and the degree of effort is clearly displayed I haven’t had any issues getting support not to mention you don’t ever feel like you aren’t aware of what’s going on they educate you on why we should maybe change up sequences or pivot etc. They actually explain so you can understand, and they set realistic expectations that’s probably another thing I like most they aren’t trying to sell you a dream just to get your money again from my personal experience they come across as very genuine in a way that they actually care about the results you’re getting and helping you grow your business. Very satisfied to say the least!” - Daniel Uribe, Trusted Recovery Firm